Ken Barlow, CEO

Principal Partner
Palm Beach County, FL

Ken Barlow is an original founder of NETBankAudit. Ken’s career involved managing IT operations in financial industries, specializing in the development of custom system solutions and IT organizations for companies facing unique challenges including start-ups, mergers and turnarounds. Early in his career, Ken lead teams to develop the first online interactive financial system and first business graphics system for NASA HQ., and the Black Lung Benefit Payment System for the Labor Department. During late 1990’s he identified the need for quality information security and regulatory guidance for financial institutions facing an ever-increasing demand for information security and controls testing. Starting in 2000, he founded, developed and implemented the virtual business model utilized by NETBankAudit, allowing a “lower cost” in delivery of the highest quality of associates and services to meet the growing internal audit support needs of both regional and community-based financial institutions. Today, as CEO and Principal Owner, his responsibilities include overall management of NETBankAudit and focusing on the company’s strategic business development and financial management.